You Have Permission

I'd love to help you remember how to take back permission to live your truth, your heart-driven life. 



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We know self-care matters. Yet, it can be really challenging to commit.  I've created a FREE resource to make it fun and easy! Grab it now!! 

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You Have Permission

This Amazon best-seller is a permission slip to live the life you dream of when you stop and allow yourself to imagine without limit. 

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Permission TO Thrive

Join us as we create a safe space to share and open to the magic of our daily lives. Starts in September. SPOTS ARE LIMITED!! 

Permission TO Thrive

What would happen if you gave yourself complete permission?

Hi, I'm Lisa Gulland-Nelson, learning to give myself permission to live my biggest, baddest life!

My best-selling book "You Have Permission, to Live your Heart's Desire" invites you to give yourself permission in small and big ways.

Let's release those habits, beliefs and behaviors that no longer resonate, and let's say yes to the actions that do.

Let's become our own best friend. 

About Me

Let's do it together

I invite you to state the following affirmation

"I am open to receive all the good the universe has to offer!"

Now allow your body to open, drop into your heart and allow it to soften. Are you open? Are you ready to receive? Are you ready for a life of joy?

What's holding you back from a life of joy? 

The answers are there, inside you. Let's unlock them together.

The truth is that you can do all of this, find the answers, on your own, but we don't always know the questions to ask ourselves. Or we get distracted by the busy-ness of life. 

Let's carve out time to focus on the questions and follow the path to a fuller, more aligned life that reflects your Truth.   
Give Yourself Permission

12 Simple Activities to Put Yourself FIRST Without Feeling Guilty

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming, just consistent. Let’s make it fun. Get your self-care routine dialed in with this FREE self-care bingo game! Make self care fun with simple daily reminders. Grab the game and do something for yourself each day. The goal is a bingo black out. You are worth it!

"Receiving coaching sessions from Lisa was a cathartic experience and a true investment in myself and my mental health. Prior to our time together, I would've never known what it would mean to have someone hold space for me to explore my own thoughts and feelings, with no rush to any goals or destinations. Just untethered and unapologetic conversation that dove well below my surface understanding of my own feelings. Lisa also shared exercises that I now use on my own time to ground myself and reset whenever I feel the need. "


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