You Have Permission

Go ahead and live your heart's desire. 


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You Have Permission

This Amazon best-seller is a permission slip to live the life you dream of when you stop and allow yourself to imagine without limit. 

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You deserve the life of your dreams! Let's journey to your truth and create a life you love!


What would happen if you gave yourself complete permission?

Hi, I'm Lisa Gulland-Nelson, learning to give myself permission to live my biggest, baddest life!

My book "You Have Permission" invites you to give yourself permission in small and big ways. Let's say no more to things that don't resonate and yes to more things that do. Let's treat ourselves like our own best friend. 

About Me

Let's do it together

Journeys are better together. You can do all of this work on your own but often having someone there to ask you the questions you wouldn't ask yourself or to help you focus on the work you are ready to do. And reflect your truth back to help you see a clearer image. 

You Have Permission

You are all you need

All you need is inside you, let's clear out all that doesn't serve you so you can access your brillance!

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