About Me

Writer. Courage Builder. Coconspirator

My name is Lisa Gulland-Nelson, and I’m a best-selling author, freelance writer, speaker and soul coach. I also work full time in communications and public relations. 

I published a best-selling book called “You Have Permission, To Live Your Heart's Desire”. 

I'm excited to support women as they take back their permission to live their biggest life and to say no to what no longer serves. 

I’m a Reiki Master Practitioner, a certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and an Ordained Minister.  

I started out as a broadcast journalist and spent almost six years as a television reporter. 

Love your life

I live in Fargo, ND (and love it) and have a wonderful husband, two sweet kids, a rescue cat and a rescue dog.

I have been dedicated to uncovering and remembering the truth of my soul for more than a decade, and I’m grateful and honored to be on this journey.  Please let me know how I can help you on yours. 

Your JOB

As my mentor likes to say, just focus on your JOB or your Joy of Being! 

I can't wait to help you.

Let's journey together

Let's work together to make small changes and create little habits that turn into a life that is magical! You deserve magic.   

Chamber Women Connect Attendee

"Lisa did an amazing job and her message was very powerful."

12 Simple Activities to Put Yourself First without Feeling Guilty

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