When you're ready, I'll be here.

I'll be here to support your path to a deeper truth. To support you in the small changes that make a BIG impact over time.
Sometimes finding the way forward on our path requires support. If you are ready to start to uncover blocks keeping you from your peace or taking you off your path, let's connect. 
I'll ask the questions you need to answer but didn't think to ask yourself.
I'll help you get out of your head and tap into your heart!
Give your soul a little space to breathe while we come up with some heart-led action items.  
Or schedule a Reiki healing session to unblock some energy.

Work with me

I'm not going to teach you anything new.

I'm going to help you unlearn those habits and beliefs keeping you from your truth. I'm going to help you pull back layers of unconscious behaviors, fears and programming.

You know deep within your heart what you need, but sometimes it's helpful to have someone ask you the right questions that guide you a little quicker to what will start to feed your soul again, to bring back your spark! 

Let's find out what's working and what's not and redirect your energy to what you want. 

I'm a certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner, and I've been healing and uncovering my soul's truth for more than a decade and can offer you the tools to re-find your path. 

You are perfect just how you are.

Give yourself permission to shed all that you are not and follow YOUR true path. 

Reiki Services 

Are you feeling depleted or low on energy? A 60-minute Reiki energy session may be just what you need.

Everyone benefits from a Reiki session.

So, what is Reiki?

Reiki is a thousands year old form of energy healing. It's pure love. We all have the ability to heal ourselves or be healed. Reiki helps unblock or remove stagnant energy.

It's easy, you just lay on a massage table and receive the healing energies. 

I am a Master Reiki practitioner, attuned to heal.

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