Permission to be tired

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2022

In a recent email to my subscribers, I talked a bit about being tired - soul tired. And being tired and overwhelmed right now makes sense. The world is heavy. You may feel divided from friends or family on issues that feel very close to your heart.

It's easy to restrict. We tighten up, physically and emotionally. Like we are drawing ourselves in. It's a protective measure. But it's also restrictive. It protects, keeping out pain (but does it?) and it also keeps out love and prevents connection. 

Does that serve us?

Can we open, expand our hearts and allow all of it to move through us? Can we be a willow moving with the wind? Or can we be water allowing ourselves to move with the landscape around us, flowing and giving? 

What does that look like? How do we stay open? 

It starts with intention. We might say...

Dear Spirit Team, Higher Self, Universe, God of my understanding, help me stay open today.

If we can stay open, trusting the guidance of our Higher Self, we can follow the breadcrumbs to the path of our highest good. 

Nothing is permanent. Everything changes. Things will come and go, build and collapse, birth and death. The path before you will continue to change and evolve (even when it seems to be regressing). 

And sometimes it feels like darkness is winning. Like the world is falling into chaos. 

So, what do we do when we face darkness? How do we fight it?

The answer is, you don't. (Stay with me).

You cannot fight darkness. You don't need to. Just create light. If you fight against, you just perpetuate struggle and fighting. Instead, consider creating what you would like to see in YOUR world. What do you want the world to reflect back to you?

Inspired action.

If you are inspired to create a non-profit in support of (fill in the blank), then follow your heart and build it, piece by piece. 

Now you might say, I'm inspired to protest to support this belief or that one. Great, if your heart is guiding you (not your anger, not your fear), then go and stand with your sisters and brothers. And maybe you meet someone there and have a conversation that sparks the beginning of something divine. 

You see, when we follow our hearts, even if the path isn't going where we think it should go, it takes us where we need to be. 

And when we stay open, we can see other's hearts, even if their fear and anger cover the truth of their love. It may challenge us at times, but maybe that's why we came here, to love bigger than our fears. 

And we don’t always know how to overcome our own fear to get to the truth of our heart. It’s in the little habits that drive our heart-centered path. Let’s do it together. 

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Sending you much love!! 

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