To the enlightened ones...

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2020

Here’s to the enlightened ones, the ones who buy crystals and burn sage, who look down on the “unawakened”. You, responding to posts saying “oh yes, I sensed that, knew that, I dreamed about that or spoke to my guides about that.” 

Did you? I didn't. 

To those who speak fluently in spiritual bullshit but won’t deal with your own shit. For those who look the part but refuse to look within.

I've been looking within and I get it. It's a shit show. Who wants that? 

But are you brave enough to see you’re just another version of what you disdain. Do you have the courage to admit you’re playing another version of the same 3D conflict, the us versus them, good versus bad, separation. We’re enlightened but they’re not – you/me, us/them.

It’s all a ruse, a distraction to keep your ego/mind in control. You think because you manifested that new car, you are enlightened, awake, ascending. You follow some guru and “repeat after me”, sing to the moon and shake free your chakras but that’s not enlightenment. To go up, you must go down. To grow out, you must go within.

It's dark in warned. 

You can speak to spirits or download messages from everyone’s favorite archangel. That doesn’t mean anything in this dense, upside down world. Are you out in the trenches loving people for who they are – even when you can’t agree on one single thing?

Some times I do. Other times, I catch myself hating that woman I love because she did something that I'm too scared to do. Or the other woman who has more likes on FB than me. Who does she think she is anyway?

Me/her, us/them.

Are you speaking your truths even when it hurts, when it scares you, when it leaves you bare out in the open?

I am, except when I'm not. When it leaves me "too bare" or "too open" then I pull back, content in my safety but hurting with the passion unlived. Women were burned for that. And have you watched "The Handmaid's Tale"?

Are you crying, screaming and clearing those blocks that keep you from seeing the truth? Or are you just mannequin shopping to look the part?

The real work is slug through the mud, long dark roads into our soul. It’s healing and parenting our egos one painful layer at a time. And it's not glitter and gold. 

It’s your heart and your deepest fears. It’s your darkest thoughts, the ones you push away, the ones waiting to finally be loved. It's the darkest of your dark, down into the farthest recesses of your being. That’s where the light is really needed. The spot you dare not love. But that's where your love is needed most. 

So cancel that wisdom circle, walk away from the crystal store and step into yourself.

Grab a candle and find a space to look within and keep looking until you see it all and you’ll know it when you do. Let loose the rain of tears cleansing your pain.

And I will too. I have been. But you see it's like an onion, with layers and layers... a spiral that does down and down and down...where is the end? I don't know. 

Go ahead, raise your awareness, learn how to be a better human or maybe I should say, learn to be more of who you really are at a soul level.

We spend so much time focused on the outer pain in the world never realizing it’s a reflection of our own inner turmoil. So stop looking out and begin to look in.

There are no others, just you and a kaleidoscope, a reflection of all the colors of your pain, sorrow and joy. 

Your pain is waiting to be seen, healed, be loved back to light. 

That’s where the real work is, that’s the path to enlightenment…

It’s time to address the oozing sore that sits in the depths of your soul.

Heal that. And I will too. And we'll see how the world, coincidentally, begins to change too. 

As within so above so below. 

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