Turning Everyday Madness into Magic

As we move through our day, we often find ourselves facing annoyances, cranky loved ones or employees, things that stress us out. And the truth is that we can take those instances of madness and use them to create magic. 

It's not about quieting the storms that come into our lives but allowing ourselves to become the quiet in the storm. That's an internal job. And this container will give you the support and the tools to do just that. 

Simple and Fun

Life can be a dance. We can thrive together with the support of our tools - tools that have been used for thousands of years.

Our tools support simple, yet profound changes that clear and raise our vibration, help us call in love and allow us to tap into what we need. 

It might be more water. Or it might be working through a trigger caused by a co-worker, boss or family member.

Dance With Us

Learn Together

Circles are a powerful and often very underrated path to healing and empowerment.

When we step into a circle or container, the energies of the members compliment one another. We become like a family and the questions of one become an answer to all. It becomes a beautiful container to support your healing and growth.  

Your Invitation

I am delighted to welcome you into our circle. This is a three-month container. We will have weekly calls and a closed Facebook group. All calls will be recorded. 

Join us in September.


More details upon registration. 

I'd be thrilled to have you join us! 

Join Us

Lisa Gulland-Nelson

Best-selling author, Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner, Soul Coach and CoConspirator. 

Lisa offers more than a decade of experience (spiritual college) learning learning about and working with tools to support a wholistic approach to mind, body, spirit health.

She understands some of the greatest breakthroughs happen when we play.