A Diary of Radical Self Care - Sound Bath Healing

Here we are in February, still in a pandemic and the phrase radical self care has never resonated more with me. It's really something we can benefit from incorporating all year no matter what's going on, but especially in the dark, winter months.
How do we truly take care of ourselves? 
There are the usual things: drinking water, listening to uplifting music, going in nature, etc. 
But there are also other things not so obvious to all of us. And I've started to search for and find my way to some of those. I believe it helps to be intentional about adding healthy new experiences to our lives. 
So as I try new things, I'll tell you about my experience. 
First up - meditation and sound bath healing with Sheila Harris at Haute Yogis Studio in South Fargo.
The meditation was great, pretty much what you'd expect from a guided meditation. If you'd never tried one, they can be very powerful for clearing energy. At the very least, you will experience what seems like a nice exercise in using your imagination, or you might fall asleep. The room was so cozy and warm, it wouldn't be hard. I did hear a little bit of snoring, LOL.
So after a 45-minute (or so) meditation, we took a short break and started the sound bath healing. Now, you are probably thinking, what exactly is sound bath healing?
If you want to keep it really simple, from my experience it felt like we were being bathed in sound. 
According to Harris, sound baths are a way to "'dip your toes" into the waters of energy healing.
When Harris plays the various bowls, they vibrate at certain frequencies that resonate with the body. 
"Everything has a vibration and by focusing the mind and body on the vibrational frequencies of the bowls, we open ourselves to recognizing the power of this unseen but very present energy within, between and around us," said Harris. 
If you are unfamiliar with sound and how it might affect the body (or the fluids in our body), you can look up the research by Masaru Emoto. He researched how sound affects water by playing different sounds, capturing images of the water molecules. It's fascinating research. 
The whole meditation and sound bath healing was two hours, so you have plenty of time for your body to adjust and take in the healing. It sounds like an awfully long time to lay on your yoga mat, but trust me, it went fast. Now I'm waiting for the next one. 
Harris said she had no intention of getting into sound bath healing, but a very intuitive friend said she couldn't wait for Harris to get into sound healing. Lucky for us, Harris soon started taking classes and making big investments into the equipment. Now, she's certified by the Vibrational Sound Association (VSA). 
So, what should you expect if (or when) you attend a sound bath healing? 
First, like I mentioned, it's a couple hours. We were asked to bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and water. I also dressed in layers. I hate meditating when I'm cold. I was actually really nice and warm, and I didn't even need my blanket. 
But what's actually happening to your body?
According to Harris, the sound vibrations move the water in your body so you'll get thirsty (bring water). You might feel tired as the vibrations will "shake loose" bottled up tension. 
"Mentally, spiritually, it’s different for everyone depending on where they are in their journey. It’s easy to settle the chatter of the mind because it can focus on the sound being produced by the bowls, so the inner self, or the soul, has a chance to be more present. Its in this space that people can resolve issues, answer big questions and find reassurance that they are exactly where they should be in this moment," said Harris.
She went on to say that you may not be consciously aware that this is happening, but you'll most likely come out of a sound bath feeling refreshed and confident. 
It's true. I walked out of that place feeling great. I was relaxed and more centered. This may sound weird, but it felt like my blood had gotten a massage. In a damn good way. 
I can't wait to do it again. The next sound bath healing is March 6, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. Haute Yogi Studio on 52nd avenue south. I signed up through the MindBody app. See you there! 
If you'd like more information on Sheila Harris or her work, you can check out her website https://www.sheilajharris.com/ or follow her on Facebook, Connected Grace Healing,  where she'll keep you in the loop on the upcoming sessions, and I'll see you there! 

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