A Diary of Radical Self Care - Sound Bath Healing

Here we are in February, still in a pandemic and the phrase radical self care has never resonated more with me. It's really something we can benefit from incorporating all year no matter what's going on, but especially in the dark, winter months.
How do we truly take care of ourselves? 
There are the usual things: drinking water, listening to uplifting music, going in nature, etc. 
But there are also other things not so obvious to all of us. And I've started to search for and find my way to some of those. I believe it helps to be intentional about adding healthy new experiences to our lives. 
So as I try new things, I'll tell you about my experience. 
First up - meditation and sound bath healing with Sheila Harris at Haute Yogis Studio in South Fargo.
The meditation was great, pretty much what you'd expect from a guided meditation. If you'd never tried one, they can be very powerful for clearing energy. At...
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