New Year's Resolution - Love (Yourself)

As we settle into a new year, there are numerous invitations to set goals, to choose a word or words for the year. 

And on the flip side, I see communication to not set goals, to live in the now. Those messages claim that goals don’t work. 

And I feel that like most things, there are truths in both and one can be true for me and another true for you. 

Setting goals can be an extremely useful tool to organize and to align your soul’s desires to offer the world your unique gifts and your ego/mind’s desire to get that work done. In other words, you are inspired to offer something to yourself or others and you break that down into to-do’s that become goals. Therefore, your heart and mind are working in collaboration. And that’s beautiful. 

You can also follow your heart in every moment and find you offer yourself or the world the same thing. Your heart and mind automatically work together because you are leading with your heart in every...

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