Is there a key to happiness in our childhood memories?

Did you know on June 11th it was #MakeLifeBeautifulDay and on June 13th it was #ChildrensDay.

What I find so perfect about that is we can make life so beautiful when we remember to live a little more like a child. 

When you think back on your life as a child - the good memories - what comes to mind? Giggling? Running around being silly?

And what happens to that simple childlike joy? When (and why) do we lose it? 

 I remember as a child dreaming, wondering what I’d be like as an adult. 

As children, we watch adults and they become examples of how adult life is supposed to be and it often isn’t too pretty. But we cognize it and see it as normal. 

And once we hit a certain age or maturity checkpoint, we leave the wonder behind and grab onto busy-ness, stress, all the “adult stuff”. In fact, we often aggrandize busy, we see it as a badge of honor. And we choose to allow that, hammering our bodies in the process and draining a little of our soul essence. We forget how life can be. And it is a choice. 

 So, as we navigate this world, can we be more intentional about play? I invite you to remember what you loved as a child. What are those things you did, dreamed of, what excited you? What excites you now? How often do you feel the deep soul joy you felt as a child?



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