You Have Permission

You Have Permission

Hosted by: Lisa M Gulland-Nelson

With best selling author of "You Have Permission, to Live Your Heart's Desire, let's talk about ways to take back our permission to live a soul and heart driven life.

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A Message to the Mothers who can't have babies as we approach Mother's Day

this can be a tough weekend for many, a reminder to honor our journey and our own needs and to be kind (to ourselves and others)
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Permission to be curious

Let’s talk about being curious…about the limits we set on our curiosity…the limits we place on our willingness to believe something outside the mainstream and how that helps, hurts or holds us back.  Welcome to my...
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Permission to be flexible

This week June 21st, it was National Yoga Day. I have to admit, I struggle with yoga. It’s slow, it requires flexibility and a quiet intention that I find challenging.  I’m pretty sure if you ask my family and...
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Is there a key to happiness in our childhood memories?

Did you know on June 11th it was #MakeLifeBeautifulDay and on June 13th it was #ChildrensDay. What I find so perfect about that is we can make life so beautiful when we remember to live a little more like a...
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