Permission to be flexible

This week June 21st, it was National Yoga Day. I have to admit, I struggle with yoga. It’s slow, it requires flexibility and a quiet intention that I find challenging. 

I’m pretty sure if you ask my family and co-workers, flexible is not the first word they’d use to describe me. And I’m not talking about my yoga poses - although it’s funny how our bodies imitate our inner workings. 

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, it can be very intimidating…until you get there. And if you listen to the instructor and heed their words, you know that it’s as far from a competition as you can get. It’s about being in the pose and meeting yourself wherever you are at. A yoga teacher might say the pose begins when you want to leave it. 

How often do we become inflexible to change, to opportunity…we believe that our bodies break down because we turn 40.

When we consider the things we never thought we could do, or should do, the things we never considered believing, I wonder how they could heal us. Like in yoga, where there is potential to remove toxins. What other toxins, mental, physical or spiritual might we release when we allow ourselves to be flexible, to consider a new path.


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